Despite current challenges in the broader job market, supply chains are alive and well. Even though job openings are at a low point in some industries, in others there are great opportunities. Food and drink will never go out of fashion.  E-commerce is booming and as a result, so is warehousing and logistics. Making a change in direction, wherever you are in your career,  is a big decision but the time to act is now.

Supply chain extends from demand planning and procurement through to distribution and transport. There is scope for everyone with a skill, whether you have a high school diploma or a Masters degree.

Here’s an idea

A great entry level role is as an analyst.   This can mean anything from identifying problems in procedures or workflow, studying spend data to make sourcing decisions or streamlining transport activities.   “Big data” is a hot topic, how to cleanse it, how to slice-and-dice it and tweak it for reporting and decision-making.  In many supply chains data is often unstructured, out-of-date, wrongly classified and in different formats and locations.  Although statistical analysis seems a backroom sort of job, it is vital to the success of an organization. And it pays well!

There are many exciting career roles in supply chain.  There is probably one out there, waiting for you.

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