About Me

I’m an expert B2B writer in supply chain. Why choose me?

I’m fully up-to-date with current thinking and trends in international business and in supply chain management. My many articles have been published in global on-line and print media and I have over 20 corporate clients. I am accredited by CIPS and by APMP.  I have worked in the financial services, petroleum and mining industries, both in global firms and in the consulting environment.  My areas of speciality are procurement and logistics including technology and outsourcing.

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My working life as a writer and author in procurement

I’ve been a freelance business writer for more than ten years whilst also consulting part-time on procurement projects. I spent most of my career, over 20 years, in Supply Chain Management and Human Resources management in corporate organizations in Africa and Asia. My work experience allows  me to write accurate and engaging content to help you to become more successful in your business. I’ve been identified as a top influencer in procurement by Procurious.

Here is a summary of my services

When not writing for businesses…..

I help young people grow their careers in supply chain. The function is changing rapidly and new job avenues are opening up.

I also do write occasional Africa travel and leisure articles for fun, not for profit, and I do a little public speaking. I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa so I’m well situated for regular visits to the bushveld when I get down time.

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