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A delicate alliance – Human Resources and Procurement

Human Resources (HR) executives are used to managing their supplier base within their own domain, without the interference and/or support of their procurement colleagues.  However, with the advent of outsourcing and new technologies, areas of [...]

Curbing fraud in public procurement in Africa

The Anti-corruption Agencies 10 years ago the World Bank reviewed the activities of anti-corruption agencies active in Africa and came to the conclusion that they were not particularly effective, despite some significant funding.  They concluded [...]

Supply chain career stalled? Get motivated

  Most people in supply chain go through a period of feeling that their career is in limbo. Great opportunities can be few, the competition is intense and job mobility is limited.  If you feel like [...]

Where will your career be in 5 years’ time?

Gone are the days when your generous corporate employer or government department would pay for you to get a degree. Training funds are tight, so nowadays it’s often all up to you. If you want [...]

5 must-have attributes of successful procurement leaders

Not all successful procurement leaders have the heady designation of Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). Forget the title, it is just a label. What is important is that for any person to lead a procurement organization, [...]

Procurement success stories are still a secret

Procurement has been traditionally poor at promoting a positive image of its function even though some passionate practitioners are out there waving the flag and highlighting pockets of excellence. It sometimes feels like the profession [...]