How do you stand out from the crowd? There are more than 50 marketing channels available to you to promote your services and generate sales leads. That’s the problem. With your limited budget and time constraints, you have to choose which solutions will deliver the best route to success. The internet is awash with B2B marketing advice, much of it not relevant to mid-size supply chain consultants and service providers.

Content marketing, digital presence, native advertising, brand positioning are all related buzzwords that seem to be designed to confuse.  Specialist agencies will offer to help you create a 5-year full-on marketing strategy; if you are McKinsey or Bain, you can afford it. Failing that, in the meantime, let’s just pick out a few ways you can make a fast start to 2020 and get ahead of your competitors.  Don’t know who your competitors are? If not, start there.

  1. Your website

How good is your website on a scale of 1- 10?  Not sure? Just ask your customers and your own staff.  Update your content regularly and ensure that it is complete and error-free.  According to a recent Fronetics survey, 62% of B2B buyers relied on the internet as a core resource when searching for new business solutions.  Your website is a window to the world and Google is your friend. SEO is a game where the rules are constantly changing. (If you don’t know what SEO is, now is the time to find out – get some advice).

  1. Social media

Find out which platforms your prospects are using and establish a presence there. Two platforms are probably enough and one of them should be LinkedIn. Users on LinkedIn are looking for business solutions. You can set up a business page, publish articles and open up contacts using InMail. It need not be time-consuming and it’s not technical.

  1. Publishing

Regular posting of fresh content is the key. It can be opinion pieces, long-form articles, special reports or white papers or customer case studies.  Items can be placed on an “insights” or blog page on your website, on other website platforms, in on-line magazines and even in print.  Regular means regular, if you commit to weekly, don’t fail to publish.

  1. Own your niche

Success comes from identifying your target audience. You need to narrow down your focus and develop marketing content that addresses that audience directly. Help your prospects identify and understand their problems and provide possible solutions that will spark their interest.

Two final tips

  • It is easier and cheaper to get more business from existing clients than it is to secure new clients.
  • Review what the bigger players are doing in your sector and pinch the best ideas.