Of the many procurement information websites and online platforms out there, not all are free, educational and entertaining. Here are 5 of the best that have their own personalities.  Most require you to sign up as a subscriber and some have premium (paid) options. In no particular order of importance:

Spend Matters

Spend Matters publishes new and commentaries on a wide range of current trends and issues in procurement.  Peter Smith (UK and Europe) and Jason Busch dedicate their blogs to everyone who wants to gain insight into the big picture in procurement and supply chain.  There is a strong focus on technology and “tools of the trade” with a nod to their sponsors.   It’s a good place to get insights into the supply market for technology service providers.   There are some free resources available to download as well as procurement natter.

Try this sample:  Building Supply Market Intelligence

Art of Procurement

This site takes an innovative approach to the provision of procurement news and opinions.  It is primarily based on publishing podcasts of interviews with procurement luminaries. The site was only launched in 2015 by Phil Ideson and has already attracted a large following.  Phil is British, but resident in the US, which broadens its appeal globally. New episodes are published every Monday and the full back catalogue is available as well as a list of most popular episodes.   You can also sign up for the weekly blog which is published every Friday.

Try this sample:  Be Prepared: Why Digitization will transform what, how we buy

Procurement Leaders    

This website publishes the latest news and opinions across the global procurement community. It appeals to the more established professionals but also to more general readers. There is an open library of free resources which provides access to selected articles and (sponsored) whitepapers. There is a database of leading procurement technology and services vendors for reference.  The wide variety of topics covered includes hot topics such as spend analytics and talent management.

Try this sample:  Artificial Intelligence  


Procurious is an online social media platform specially designed for procurement professionals. Born out of Australia but now run from the UK, it is growing its global readership by providing resources, publishing topical articles by guest writers and hosting events. It has a light-hearted approach to some difficult problems and has something for everyone. It’s a great place for networking with like-minded procurement types. Tanya and her editors are also very active on Twitter and LinkedIn and are expanding their reach with events, both live and virtual.

Try this sample:   Supplier diversity: I don’t have time for that  

 Supply Management:

Supply Management is a UK-based website with lots of fresh content about procurement and the broader supply chain. It’s easy to navigate and has lots of real-life examples from both the public and the private sector.  See News and Opinions and the Jobs Page. Unfortunately, much of the content, including the Supply Management Magazine, is limited to CIPS members but everyone can subscribe to a daily newsletter.

Try this sample: Career tips from Novartis CPO

 Want to add to my list?  Let me know your favourites.


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